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All your retro games on
one tiny, powerful device.


Multi-Platform Gaming System

Have you been dying to get your hands on an NES Classic? Why be limited to just 20 games, one gaming platform & a $300 scalper price tag? Buy PI gives you the world in a box.

Built on Raspberry PI

Our system is built on the backbone of one of the greatest inventions in computing. Raspberry PI is a tiny, affordable yet powerful computer that is opening up a world of possibilities. Buy PI takes advantage of this fresh technology.

Customize Your System

Do you want a specific controller? Do you want your Buy PI to come in a specific case? We offer several options to allow you to make your Buy PI uniquely yours. One size may fit all in the rest of the gaming world but not here.

Stellar Support

Some Raspberry Pi vendors sell you a kit and wish you well. We want you to suck countless hours of fun out of your Pi. We are always available to answer your questions, big or small, via our forum or through email.