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Clean Up Roms?

What is the best way to clean up roms that I have loaded on the pi? Trying to do the thumbdrive trick in reverse doesn't seem to remove them.

You'll need to go into the Pixel desktop to take care of this.
1) Plug in a keyboard and mouse to the Pi unit
2) Power on the Pi device
3) At the Emulation Station, press the F4 key
4) After a couple seconds, the Pixel desktop screen will come up and a few seconds later a prompt will come up reading
pi@raspberrypi:~ $
5) type: startx
6) In the top left toolbar, click on the double folders called File Manager
7) When the window comes up, from the left sidebar select RetroPie > roms then navigate to the directory of the games in question
8) Select the roms in question then either drag them to the recycle bin on the desktop or right click and send to trash
9) Once the directory has only the games you want, click on the Pi logo in the top left toolbar and select Shutdown > Reboot
10) This should relaunch RetroPie/Emulation Station and take you into the interface with your remaining roms.