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Trouble with MAME Roms

So MAME. I've read a lot online in your support thread and I think I understand these are the toughest ones... after a bit of research it seemed to me the Liberto version of MAME was a good way to go. I visited this page to download game files

When I went to save the files in my flash drive for the Pi, I first tried saving them under the ROM directory mame-liberto.... when that didn't work I tried arcrade. I also tried one way where each game (I only tried about 7 games to start) had a subfolder, then each game subfolder had the dozen or so files that make up that game. WHen that didn't work I just copied over all the various game files into one folder with no subfolders at all. That didn't work either.
Any ideas or recommendations on MAME?

As you mentioned MAME can be tricky. I usually just ask what games you are trying to load since support can vary from game to game so do you have specifics you are trying to get to work?

Thanks. So on MAME, here's a list:

Digdug, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, Ms Pacman, Off Road, Operation Wolf, Paperbox

I just tried a handful of the popular games I enjoyed as a kid.
Appreciate the help!
Just as an FYI, NES, Atari & Sega have most if not all of these games if you can't get the MAMEs to cooperate. As usual, it was very hit and miss to get these to work. When it comes to MAME roms, not all are created equal. I found a handful that you were looking for that were able to run for me under Libretro. Here were the download sources you can try.
Let me know if these give you problems.
Ms Pacman - CoolRom
Paperboy - CoolRom
Donkey Kong - Loveroms
Off Road - CoolRom
Digdug - Loveroms